Scotch Whisky Experience

354 Castlehill,

Distance: 8.6 miles
Drive: 26 minutes

Opening times: 10:00 – 17:00

Christmas Day

The Scotch  Whisky Experience is one of Edinburgh’s most popular tourist attractions, with an outstanding whisky collection, as well as high tech exhibitions and experiences. The collection comprises 3,384 bottles of whisky, placed in a marble and glass vault. Each visitor is encouraged to taste a dram of whisky in the vault.

Attractions include various tour experiences, tasting events, a whisky training school, as well as a shop and a restaurant. The morning masterclass includes:

Overview of the whole distilling process
Private viewing of the World's Largest Collection of Scotch Whisky
Tea or coffee and shortbread
Sensory perception test
Comparative tastings of one blend, one single grain and two single malt whiskies
Nosing of new-make spirit
Boxed crystal whisky tasting glass
Complimentary gift

The venue is due to change its pricing structure in 2017, for further information: 

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Enquire or call on 0131 333 1845

Enquire or call on 0131 333 1845