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Home to a TaylorMade fitting centre, we are dedicated to helping you improve your game. Matching you with the right equipment needs the latest swing and ball analysis technology. Our FlightScope® technology is the ideal tool for custom club fitting. It provides accurate ball flight and club travel information – unlike most other instruments on the market, which only offer launch data.

There is no doubt that custom fitted golf clubs will lower your golf score. Each of us has a unique swing, and it’s virtually impossible to expect “off-the-shelf” golf clubs to exactly match our own individual characteristics. Fundamentally golf club manufacturers make their clubs to suit the largest group of golfers possible. Custom fitted golf clubs help mid to high handicappers the most by giving them clubs that match their characteristics and golf swing.

Let Dalmahoy take care of your custom fitting needs.

Prices from:

  • Driver fitting - £60 per session

  • Iron set fitting - £60 per session

  • Complete set fitting - £80 per session

  • Special Offer: Purchase a new driver, iron set for full set as a result of your session and we will refund half the price of your session fee


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Enquire or call on 0131 333 1845

Enquire or call on 0131 333 1845