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Taking up a new sport can be intimidating with golf often appearing complex to beginners, full of rules and formal etiquette, but the game is open to anyone and comes down to what you make of it!

Our Learn to Play package, designed by our Head Golf Pro Scott Dixon, is designed to ease you in gently. Choose from either the introductory 90-minute lesson or the package of six lessons, or combine both options and let us take you comfortably from couch to course.

'There’s no denying golf is a challenging game; it takes time and dedication to get to a level where you can play, but I believe that there’s still much mystery around golf and misinformation surrounding the game and we are addressing that to attract new players' - Scott Dixon, Head Golf Pro.

Introductory Learn To Play 90 minute session 
£85 - 1 person
£100 - 2 people
£135 - 3 people
£160 - 4 people

Learn to Play Package
6 x 1 hour lessons taking you from the range to playing on the course
Practice balls to explore your game in your own time
Reduced green fees of £25 for 18 holes or £15 for 9 holes when you are ready to play without the coach
Support every step of the way
Reduced joining fee when joining the club
All equipment will be provided in the beginning and you can get advice when you are ready to buy clubs when you feel you are committed

£500 for 1 person
£350 per person - 2-4 people
£300 per person - 5-8 people

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