Cleaning & Hygiene

Our cleaning routines have been significantly extended in their scope and frequency since the pandemic started, to ensure the highest standards of hygiene across the hotel and resort.

The frequency of cleaning has been enhanced and increased in all public spaces, with an emphasis on high contact surfaces, including counters, lifts, buttons, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys and locks, stair handrails, dining surfaces and seating areas.



  • Cleaning and sanitising is carried out using electrostatic disinfectant tools, with an emphasis on high contact areas such as desks, chairs, phones, remote controls, thermostats, doors and doorknobs, windows, lights and lighting controls, clothes hangers, doors and safe key pads
  • Bathroom drains are disinfected after each departure
  • Glasses, mugs and spoons will all be removed and washed after each departure, regardless of whether or not they have been used
  • All linen will be removed from departure rooms, whether or not they have been used



  • All high contact areas, including bars, welcome stations, trollies, counters, handrails and all associated equipment, are sanitised at least once per hour
  • All dining tables, bar tops, stools and chairs are sanitised after each use
  • Where possible, card machine (POS) terminals will be assigned to a single server and sanitised between each guest use, and before and after each shift
  • Disposable menus are destroyed after each guest's use
  • Check presenters, condiments, pens and all other reusable guest items are sanitised after each use
  • Our staff will wear gloves when placing disposable napkins on tables
  • All plates and cutlery are rinsed and placed through our dishwashers where they are washed and sanitised to comply with food safety regulations. Our dishwashers are deep cleaned after each meal service



  • All equipment will be sanitised at the start of each shift and trays will be sanitised prior to each use. We ask that guests place their trays outside of their room and notify Room Service on finishing their meal



  • All equipment, linen and meeting amenities is sanitised and replaced between every event
  • Buffet and self-serve food and drink options are currently suspended; table service and pre-packed food items only
  • Seating capacities and floor plans ensure compliance with Government guidelines on physical distancing measures
  • All event space door handles, tables, chairs, light switches and other equipment are cleaned and sanitised after each group use
  • Hand sanitiser will be available in each area for guest use



  • Food preparation stations are sanitised at least once per hour and all kitchens is deep cleaned and sanitised at least once per day
  • Our chefs wear the recommended PPE while preparing your food and will work from set stations using their own utensils
  • Where the sharing of equipment is required these will be sanitised before and after each use
  • We will continue to follow guidance from food standard agencies and will be in contact with our local Environmental Health Officer prior to reopening our kitchens



  • Guests can adjust their housekeeping preferences daily
  • In occupied rooms, to minimise contact with guests, our team will offer to return at an alternative time
  • Our team wear the recommended PPE while servicing your room
  • In the event of a suspected case of COVID-19 the room will be subject to rigorous and strict cleaning and sanitisation routines
  • Our turn down service is currently suspended; however Housekeeping services will be available on individual request
  • The guest laundry service will be suspended until further notice

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Cleanliness & Hygiene Officer

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